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MineralVest is an investment and development company with a mission to acquire and advance concessions into long-term producing operations while maintaining upmost respect for local communities and the environment.

To date, MineralVest has a research permit for 475km2 of bauxite concessions of Mount Doko in Kindia which is Guinea’s fourth largest city.. The geological potential is estimated to be between 10 and 30 billion tons of bauxite reserves with core samples yielding up to 53% of aluminum oxide. Additionally, MineralVest holds 4 gold concessions that span excess of 273 km2 of rich alluvial deposits. Geologists believe production will be between 4 to 10 kg per day.

The company has an exceptional management team and board of directors in place with significant country and international mining experience ranging from discovery and exploration to mining operations and production.

Our Values


MineralVest is dedicated to its shareholders by increasing company value through diversification, acquiring additional “in-the-ground” and “out-of-ground” assets, and mining operations.

Additionally, MineralVest values and respects local communities where its concessions and commodity assets are located by incorporating local communities, hiring locals, building dependable infrastructure, and replanting impacted vegetation upon completion. The company will pay particular attention to social and environmental impact studies to optimize sustainable practices. Furthermore, the company recruits, trains, and develops skilled labor for Guineans.

Respecting the rights and laws set forth by the Guinean State, the company adheres to anti-corruption policies and makes it a point to honor and comply with mining code and to work in full transparency with local authorities and officials.

Introducing Guinea


Guinea is where MineralVest projects are occurring to date. The Republic of Guinea is a small West African Country located on the Atlantic Coast and is endowed with bauxite, gold, iron, oil, uranium, and diamonds. Guinea ranks first in bauxite reserves with more than 26% of the world’s resources and is one of the largest producers of bauxite. Guinea’s economy is heavily dependent on agriculture and mineral production. The primary language spoken is French. Guinea has a population of 12.4 million and an area of 245 km2.

Guinea is a Republic, with a president who is directly elected by the people and is head of state and head of government for a five-year term renewable once. Legislative Power is held by the National Assembly of Guinea and consists of 114 seats.



The MineralVest team was heavy in the iron ore business in Mexico and Chile from 2009 and 2012 when the price hit historic highs. Once found to be plentiful, smaller countries were driven out of perspective iron ore wholesale as those regions closer to large metal consumers (i.e., China) were able to mine and sell at discounted prices.

Proactively, in 2010 the team began looking towards next generation materials that would be lasting and highly profitable. The team set its focus on bauxite as aluminum was identified as a future high-demand metal due to its unbeatable strength to weight ration and corrosion resistance. In addition to its use in electronics and manufacturing, it is a lightweight industrial metal used most commonly in the manufacturing of automobiles, making them lightweight and more energy efficient therefor helping companies meet or exceed expanding EPA regulations.  Now more than ever, with the popularity of electric cars intensifying we see the demand for aluminum is immeasurable. With this in mind, the team searched expansively for high-grade bauxite reserves, leading them to Guinea, West Africa.

Executive Team

MineralVest was created by shareholders and a group of laudable experts in minerals, transportation, technology, and mining operations.


Garrett Krause


Chris Langlois, PMI-ACP, PMP

Dr. David Makongo, PH.D. LLM, JD, LLB

Dr. David Makongo, PH.D. LLM, JD, LLB


Scott Sproull

Associates and Advisors

Ed Bishop

Jake Paquin
Graphics Artist

Stuart Ehrlich

Interested in joining the MineralVest team or advisory board? Please email info@MineralVest.com!

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